Friday, March 4, 2005

Gaming Computer Hardware Guide

Gaming computer hardware plays an instrumental role in ensuring that you receive the best gaming experience. What you place inside your computer case decides what you see on your monitor and what you hear from the speakers.

This gaming computer hardware guide serves to help you to understand the role that computer hardware play and at the same time teaches you how to choose the best part for your gaming computer.

gaming computer motherboard

Motherboard is the heart of the computer. It is the most important computer hardware of all as it is the part that integrates all the other gaming hardware together. Its main job is to facilitate the processor, pass instructions and coordinate the various computer parts. How good a motherboard is will determine how capable the computer is in performing tasks. Find out how to choose a gaming motherboard.

Central Processor Unit (CPU)
gaming computer cpu

CPU is the brain of the computer. Its main task is to handle all the heavy arithmetic and logic calculation. This piece of computer hardware determines the speed of your computer. The higher the speed of the CPU, the faster is your gaming computer. How to choose a good CPU?

Random Access Memory (RAM)

gaming computer RAM
Computer RAM acts as a facilitator for the motherboard and the processor. Its main function is to provide a temporary ’space’ for data to be stored. When a computer first starts up, the system will load information from the storage drive into the RAM. At any point of time when the system needs the information, it will just access the RAM to retrieve the data it needs. Check out how to choose a good computer RAM for gaming.

Hard Drive

gaming computer hard drive
A hard drive is a storage place where you install and store all your programs and data. Generally, the bigger the capacity, the more data you can store. The main difference between the hard drive and computer RAM is that computer RAM contains only volatile data (which means all the data is lost when the power is switched off) while hard drive can be used to store permanent data. You can find all the information about choosing a hard drive here.

Graphics Card

gaming computer graphics card
As the name implies, it is a card that processes graphical data. Upon receiving instruction from the motherboard and CPU, it will process the graphical data and display them on the monitor. There is a wide range of graphics card in the market, all with different processing capability. Generally, the processing capability is proportional to the quality of the images produced on the monitor. The better the graphics card, the higher quality is the images shown. For gamer, investing in a good graphics card is a must. Find out how to choose the best gaming graphics card.

Sound Card

gaming sound card
This is the computer part that is in charge of processing audio data and output to the speakers. A good sound card is necessary for a computer to play quality music. If you are a heavy multimedia user or gamer, this is one of the computer parts where you need to invest in. Find out more in the sound card guide

dvd rom
CD/DVD drive is a device that reads CD and DVD data. It allows external data that is stored on a CD or DVD to be read and processed. Some of the CD/DVD drive comes with burner function that allows you to store data on a CD or DVD. Read also how to choose a CD Drive

Computer Case
 The computer case is a container where all the computer parts are assembled and contained. There are various types of cases for different type of motherboard size (also known as form factor). How big a case is will depend on your motherboard size and the number of computer hardware you are putting in. Check out the computer case guide

Computer Monitor
gaming computer
 LCD monitorComputer monitor receives information from the graphics card and display them on the screen. There are mainly two types of monitor used for computer system, CRT and LCD monitor. CRT monitor used to be the standard for computer monitor. However, with the advancement in technology, LCD monitor has gradually replaced its CRT counterpart to become the choice for most computers. Find out the difference between these two types of monitor.

gaming keyboard and mouse
The keyboard and the mouse are the only devices that allow you to interact with the computer. Not all keyboards and mouse are made the same. Some of them are specially designed for gamer. Find out more in the keyboard guide and mouse guide

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