Saturday, January 5, 2008

Installing the Video Graphics Card and Sound Card

installing video graphics card and how to install sound card

Before installing the video graphics card, check whether the connection type is AGP or PCI. AGP has lesser pin than PCI, thus it shouldn’t be difficult to distinguish.

video graphics card installationOnce you have identified the type, select a slot on the motherboard and remove the backplane cover.

Some of the backplane cover is rather tight, you can use a pliers to ply it out.

Next, align the graphics card to the slot and push it in, applying even forces on the card. Lastly screw the card tight with a screw.

To test whether the video graphics card is working, connect the power  cable to your computer and turn the system on. If the internal fans begin to whir, the system beeps, and you see the machine starting to boot, power down (by holding the power button for 5 seconds) and continue building. If nothing happens, back up a step and re-check all of your connections. Make sure that both the processor and the memory are properly seated. Double check the minuscule leads that connect the motherboard to the power and reset switches.

Installing the Sound Card

Most motherboards come with integrated audio, thus saving up the trouble of getting another sound card. However, if you have a sound card which you want to install, the procedure will be the same as the graphics card installation. The only difference is that all sound cards are of the PCI type.

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