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Gaming Accessories

Gaming accessories play a very important part in game play. Here is where you can find the best recommendations and reviews of the top gaming accessories on the market.
example gaming accessories

Gaming Mouse
In game such as Counterstrike, Half-life and other FPS games, the mouse plays an important role. A sensitive mouse can give you faster movements and more accuracy, which will give you the edge over your competitor.

Logitech G7 Laser Gaming Mouse is one of the best gaming mouses currently on the market. It has a highly sensitive level of 2000dpi and uses a laser engine to provide high accuracy even for small movements. I have personally used this mouse for my Counterstrike session and the difference was huge compared to my previous conventional optical mouse. My movement was much faster and my shots were more accurate.
example mouse gaming

Along with a good gaming mouse is a good mouse pad. A good mouse pad must have a smooth surface to match the movement of the mouse. Soft Trading Icemat 2nd Edition Mouse Pad provides a large surface to make sure that your mouse never runs out of space. With a size of 10x12inch, it is currently the largest mouse pad on the market.

RatpadzGS is a mouse pad that provides an excellent surface. It is claimed to be designed by gamers, tested by gamers, and built by gamers. During a major national gaming event, over 1,500 RatpadzGS prototype pads were given to all types of PC gamers. The makers listened to the gamers’ feedback, and made improvements. Its size at 11.55×9.3inches also makes the mouse movement very comfortable.

Gaming Keyboard
In the gaming world, a keyboard is no longer a tool used solely for typing. It is also used for movement, hot keys and many other things.
keyboard gaming example

There are several gaming keyboards on the market. I personally prefer and recommend Ideazon Zboard ZBD-101. Apart from the standard keyset for typing, it has an extra gaming keyset for FPS and action games. The multi-function keys that can be used to program various commands in one button have made it very user-friendly. Gamers should be able to get accustomed to this keyboard in a very short time.

There will be times when you are playing games till the late night and have to switch off your speakers. This is when the headset comes into play. A good headset should preserve the audio quality and retain the same performance as a surround sound speaker.
gaming headshet

Tritton AXPC 5.1 USB Rumble Gaming Headphones is one of the few headsets that are Dolby Digital and Dolby Prologic certified. This headset really impresses me a lot. The eight speakers in the two ear cups act like a surround sound speakers and the vibration really rocks my ears. Definitely one of the best headsets I would recommend.

Gamepad & Joystick
gamepad and joystick

Most computer games require only a keyboard and a mouse, but there are some specialized games that require a gamepad or joystick for better gaming experience. Most of the gamepads are similar to those used by popular console (such as PS2 or Xbox). This allows the user to switch between different consoles easily. It is also one of the marketing strategies for PC game developers to recapture the market lost to PS2 and Xbox.

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Optional Accessories
A gamer usually spends a lot of time staring at the screen. Getting an anti-glare cover will help to protect your eyes from radiation. You may also want to consider getting a wrist rest to improve your comfort level.

If you own a laptop, you can check out Direct Laptops Guide for more information on laptop accessories

Gaming accessories serve as a complement to your gaming computer. Though they are not the main components, their presence will surely add spice and bite to your game play. If you have already invested in a great gaming computer, getting the best gaming accessories around makes a lot of sense

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